Saturday, July 29, 2006


You did what???

Strange and varied are the things that we humans do when bored. I found myself at a loose end on Friday night, and for reasons I have yet to fully understand, I turned to my digital camera.

"What interesting things can I take photographs of?" I wondered.

Not being drunk or on a dare, I'm not sure why this ended with me thinking;

"I know!!! I'll get my kit off and do some nude self-portraiture!"

...but it did.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to properly arrange oneself modestly and artistically within the time limit of the camera's self-timer. There were mistakes. Some of the pictures were less than flattering. Some of them revealed a part of myself that I'm just not going to share on the internet. Frankly, some of them sucked because I was off-centre in the frame or they were blurry.

But a couple of them had promise. So today I did a bit of editing, some photoshop magic, a little crop here and there... and came up with something I felt I could share with the rest of the online community. I'm not going to make it too easy for folks to see this - you'll need a dA login as it is categorised as "Mature Content" (tee hee hee!) - but if you follow this link you'll get to see at least a little more of me than many have before. And I promise, no weenie or even nipples!

That's some nice work Mr B...
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