Saturday, September 02, 2006


Winner! Yes!!!

I am SO stoked right now. There was a competition in the online game I play, Cities, to draw a map of the known world. I won!

Now I have to choose a boon as a prize. Given the name of my character and most of my online personae (Cthu1hu) Capital_Mum suggested that an Octopus Hat might be just the thing. I was thinking I might also ask the 'King to raise an island in the Southern Ocean for me, called R'lyeh...

Seriously folks, if you're not playing Cities yet - why not?! It's brilliant!

Hehe, that map is awesome! Funny to have the Here Be Dragons warning in the middle rather than on the outer edge! :P

What do the red lines mean? And did you do the full scroll look and everything too? Drawn on paper and scanned?

So many questions... :)
PS Those are the CUTEST seaserpents ever!

There is really a place called Bentnob?! :P
Geez that's friggin' brilliant. What program did you use to create that???
Okay, answers to questions...

1) "Here Be Dragons" is written around the middle because, well, that's where the dragons are.

2) The red lines are a cartographic nicety that have no real meaning beyond joining all the important places on the map and making it look like someone was using some sort of survey information.

3) I did all the artwork. It was all digital, except for a couple of bits that weren't. Like the cute seaserpents.

4) Yes, there really is a place called "Bentnob" 8D

5) All built in Paint Shop Pro 8, using a combination of raster and vector layers, all lovingly crammed together with a selection of transparencies and custom brushes. More or less.

Glad you both liked it. You going to come play now, or is it still too low-tech for you?
1) "Here Be Dragons" is written around the middle because, well, that's where the dragons are.

Of course. It's the dragon's that aren't conforming to the map-making niceties. :P

Like I told you, I am almost tempted to play after seeing that map. Problem would just be scheduling time between World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft.

Hey, is there a limit to how many action points you can accumulate between sessions of play? If not it wouldn't matter if I only did it once or twice a week I guess...
Until you've done some quests you earn AP at a rate of 1 per 30 minutes, and depending on what alignment you are you have maximum AP of either 50 or 100 (air-aligned). So yeah, it is definitely possible to play every 2nd or 3rd day.

There are also a bunch of quests that increase your maximum AP which can decrease the frequency of playing. The worst that happens is you max out your AP and possibly go to Limbo.

So leap on board - Capital Mum and I can even kit you out with a bunch of stuff to give you a head start!
Limbo? Will there be wacky disco music?
PS I was going to make an account but then it asked me to pick an element. It's too haaaard! *whines*

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